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I was looking for something simple and hitting on skillset & mindset, with not too much time commitment. Before I implemented PrELITE+ I knew I wanted to see a spark in my downline, as well as more involvement with my front line, & second & third levels. Because of PrELITE+ I have seen my Silvers and other leaders become stronger. PrELITE+ is fun, interactive and totally duplicable.

~ Laura Pasternack, doTERRA Diamond
Going through PrELITE+ for the first time I realized everyone, whether they do the business or not should do some form of PrELITE+. You finish more educated about doTERRA and the oils regardless if you choose to continue with the business or not. The biggest change I see in myself by implementing PrELITE+ is the realization of people need the direction, leading, and education because it motivates them to move toward their own goals which has a snowball effect not just on themselves and their downline, but their upline as well.

~ Gail Williams, doTERRA Gold
PrELITE+ appealed to me because it appeared to be extremely well rounded, especially the mindset portion of the program. I was looking for something that would bring our team all together on all levels and help rank advancement. We have at least 5 team members rank advancing just this month! We are all experiencing more levels of self discovery, commitment and learning many aspects of sharing the class, membership overview, and business overview. I personally have increased my one on ones while training and mentoring and it has been a great boost to me personally to get intimately relational with the ladies on my team.

~ Patti Jacobsen, doTERRA Gold
I knew nothing about the business or where to start. PrELITE+ really set my mind straight and gave me confidence in what to do and where to go. Before PrELITE+ I was shy and I didn’t believe in myself but when I started PrELITE+ I realized this has nothing to do with my insecurities, this is about sharing and doing something I love and know works and it is so amazing!! It has changed me just like that and I have gained so much confidence because I know this business is about helping others and not so much about me. With the way PrELITE has changed my way of thinking and the amazing information and input it gives you, it really helps you see where exactly it is you’re going and how to reach those goals. It turned me into something I never imagined being and it feels great.

~ Courtney Debeau, doTERRA Elite
My husband and I are business partners and he is a gifted leader but I am not. PrELITE+ more than resolved that issue for me. PrELITE+ provides the most structured, organized program that we could find to train our people. The program is providing our builders with the confidence, knowledge, skills and ability to duplicate while leaving all their fears behind! Our goal for using PreElite+ was to train our people so that they could train their people (duplication). We absolutely love this program and recommend it to all our friends!

~ Kim & Bruce McKeand, doTERRA Silvers
My Diamond leader, Kathy Alldredge, could see how desperately I needed the PrELITE+ Program. She asked me if I wanted to begin my healing process. Naturally I said "YES!" But honestly, inside I did not believe for one moment that this program was going to help me heal. The driving force for beginning or implementing the PrELITE program, or my "WHY," was healing. While that one word "healing" can seem small to others, to me it was a HUGE mountain to climb. I heard in my heart that still small voice, telling me to heal myself because through my healing I will grow my business and be able to bless the lives of so many who are waiting for their "Kathy" to step into their lives armed with the tools of healing. This program was literally my last chance to take back what was rightfully mine, my health and healing. This was my path to take, to endure, to heal, to love, to believe and best of all to CHANGE. I was going to heal myself so that I could bring healing to others. My challenge was ME. My battle was within ME. Amazingly enough, through this program, my awesome up-line and supportive family (especially my hubby), my healing came fast and ferocious and my business, monthly, is growing at a rate of 100%.

~ Erin Pignatiello , doTERRA Wellness Advocate
I chose to implement PrELITE+ on my team because I was lacking something.... I didn't quite know what, but I knew it had to deal with being able to "teach" people what I do, to run my business!! I didn't have those leadership skills and I found them and the confidence through this program! I jumped right in and played the mentor role to 13 people... I was excited, knew I had to do it and just went for it! I had no clue what was in store but we have stuck with it and it's been awesome! I absolutely feel like I am a stronger leader because of this! I have more of a structure to go off of and an outline for me to BE a leader!

~ Lacey Duran , doTERRA Platinum
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